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Angels in the Mist by Ryan Southwick is available today.

Angels in the Mist
Angels in the Mist is out today!

This novel centers around Anne Perrin. She has basically quit living due to trauma that occurred during her adolescent years. Anne doesn’t socialize outside her job as a waitress and sticks to a very strict routine every single day. However, when her closed-off lifestyle causes her to lose out on someone she cares for, Anne decides things need to change. She doesn’t want it to happen again.

Relocating to San Francisco, Anne ends up in a dangerous situation with her date where out of nowhere, a savior saves her. Charlie is perfect for Anne, and the best part? The feelings are mutual.

However, there is a saying that when things go good, they go bad. Anne discovers a world she didn’t know existed casting her into a whole other world. This novel brings action, laughter, sci-fi, and fun to a whole other novel.

Angels in the Mist is a fun read that I thoroughly enjoyed. The way sci-fi is interwoven with this fantasy storyline is great. I loved the character of Anne, too, and how she developed throughout the novel. My favorite parts were definitely the action scenes!

Author Ryan Southwick is the author of The Z-Tech Chronicles urban fantasy series.

He lives in the coastal fog south of San Francisco with his spouse and two children. In addition to writing, he’s a software developer, manager, agile coach, database administrator, and, almost a lifetime ago, a radiation therapy technologist. He enjoys hiking the eastern Sierra Mountains with his family, PC gaming, and racing the occasional FPV drone—sometimes over ancient volcanos, but usually into the ground, with a spectacular dirt mushroom cloud.

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