So a fun fact is I love braids. I love any kind of braid. I search Pinterest and I am always looking for fun braids to try! I know how to French braid my own hair and to fishtail my own hair, but I don’t know how to Dutch braid…Continue Reading

So today I decided to try the Elsa braid! I was going out and I always wear my hair the same way: half-up half-down or in a ponytail. So I decided to change up my look. The Elsa braid I have to say I LOVE it. It gave a fun twistContinue Reading

Many of you have been writing in and asking me what’s a new hairstyle favorite trend I’m loving. The answer is: The Headband Braid! [youtube=] I love the Headband Braid because it gives you that boho braid twist that is trendy for your look and it’s super simple, but looksContinue Reading

It’s all about Boho this summer and what better way to be boho than with some braids! I came across this amazing tutorial and I had to share it with all of you! The braids are so simple and easy to do and give you that instant boho feel! [youtube=]Continue Reading