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Many of you have been writing in and asking me what’s a new hairstyle favorite trend I’m loving. The answer is: The Headband Braid!
I love the Headband Braid because it gives you that boho braid twist that is trendy for your look and it’s super simple, but looks extremely complicated. I like wearing my hair down but I always love adding a little trendy twist to it, which is why I love braids… and sparkles! 😉
I found this video above that I admit I watched numerous times to actually learn how to do the braids, but once I got it I do them all the time! This video gives you four different types of headband braids that look amazing with any outfit.
Whether your going out or working this hair trend is perfect!
What do you think of this hairstyle summer/fall trend?! Comment below and let me know!

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