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In The Crown of Bones by Rosalyn Briar, fairy tales are not what they seem.

Gisela knows about sacrifice all too well. She abandoned her education, friends, and fairy tales to support her family and care for her sister. But when she jilts a wealthy suitor, Gisela is chosen for another type of sacrifice.

The Crown of Bones
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As an Offering to the Goddess Bergot, Gisela and seven others are sent on a deadly quest for a mythical crown. To return home, Gisela must overcome obstacles that darkly resemble the fairy tales she once believed.

Weaving through a tapestry of friendship, romance, violence, and magic—Gisela becomes the target of an ancient evil force, while an ominous detail from the past haunts her at every turn. To what lengths will Gisela go to save the ones she loves? Sometimes sacrifices must be made.

The Crown of Bones is an NA Dark Fantasy where the adventure is filled with nods to the Grimm’s Fairy Tales. It is perfect for readers who love darker, mysterious, and twisted fairy tale fantasies such as The Hazel Wood and House of Salt and Sorrows. The Crown of Bones is currently available for pre-order and will be released on May 5, 2020. You can enter a giveaway on Rosalyn Briar’s site to get a signed copy and $25 Amazon gift card! CLICK HERE to check it out.

Rosalyn Briar is an emerging author of Dark Fantasy. The Crown of Bones is her first published book. Rosalyn lives with her husband and their two children near St. Louis, MO.

Meet Rosalyn Briar

Overall, I recommend getting this novel. The character of Gisela is fearless, and throughout the book, we see her grow into a powerful protagonist. Her love interest, Brahm, is another strong character to offset Gisela. We get to see his point of view in the chapter called The Ritual, which I loved. Throughout the novel, I was a Gisela and Brahm fan. I loved their moments together. Briar did a great job with their chemistry.

One of my favorite scenes was where Gisela offers her blanket to Brahm. Instead of sitting beside him, she cuddles with him. I found that aww moment so endearing because it was a pivotal change between the characters. I definitely thought these characters complimented each other, balancing their strengths and weaknesses.

I will also add that the ending of this novel was epic. I’m still wondering about what’s going to happen! Don’t worry. I won’t tell you. You’ll have to get this book and read how it ends yourself.

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