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Mindful Communication for Happiness by Edward Turnbull Review is here.

The book is crafted to help you attract happiness and communicate more effectively. Mindful Communication for Happiness is presented in a simple and concise manner for quick learning and application. Become more mindful of your own communication. Learn about conflict resolution, influencing, communicating in difficult situations, relationships, and business. Explore different areas of communication, including subtle, electronic, in-person, direct, and indirect. Begin to have increased health, confidence, and energy while reducing negative emotions.

Mindful Communication
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This book was a change-up in my reading regime, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There are only six chapters, each with a different subject addressed in the chapter, such as communication, valuing yourself in the context of communication, and conflict resolution. I enjoyed the fact that this book was easy to follow. Yes, the subjects do seem really complicated (and they are), but the way Edward Turnbull wrote it, you can grasp it easily! If you want to change up your reading routine, try this book!

Author EDWARD TURNBULL has a background in business, communication, and negotiation. He’s an experienced meditator who enjoys traveling the world and training as an athlete. His life experiences have led to the belief that we need to work on everything from diet, fitness, and mental training to be our best. He also offers coaching to individuals and corporate for communication. You can contact him at: [email protected]

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