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Alter Ego by K.A. Masson Review is here. Pounding on the door. My seven-year-old son shaking me awake. My head fuzzy with sleeping pills. The hallway flashing with blue light. […]

Diversity by Monique Gliozzi Review is here. This book is a fantastic collection of short stories similar in length to a novella. The short stories are great because they are […]

L’Origine by Lilianne Milgrom Review is here. I was so excited when the author contacted me to feature this book because I was very intrigued by the title, L’Origine. My […]

Terra Nova by MtG Review is here. This novel centers around the character of Evangeline. She is an average teenager who goes to school, has two best friends Val and […]

337 by M. Jonathan Lee Review is here. Before I tell you all more about this novel, I have to first say a HUGE thank you to Hideaway Fall for […]

A Maiden’s Prayer by Srianthi Perera feature is here. Srianthi Perera’s debut literary novel, “A Maiden’s Prayer: A Family Story Set in 1970s Sri Lanka,” examines Sri Lankan beliefs in […]

Whisper of the Lotus by Gabrielle Yetter feature is here. Charlotte Fontaine’s dead-end life lacked excitement, so she impulsively booked a flight to Cambodia to visit her best friend. She […]