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From My Balcony to Yours by Nino Gugunishvili is here.

From My Balcony to Yours

Canceled Plans? –Check!

From My Balcony to Yours

Panic and Fear? – Check!

Self- Isolation? – Check!

Missing  Friends? – Check!

Gaining Weight? – Check!

Binge-Watching TV? – Check!

Lengthy Self- diggings? – Check!

Hope? – Check, check, check!

Who would have thought that Global Pandemic, Self-Isolation, Cluster, and a Lockdown were to become the trendiest words in 2020? Who would have imagined the world would freeze and people would stay home shattered with fear, panic, uncertainty towards their future?

How do we adjust to this changing reality, when none of our questions have answers, when plans turn upside down, things get totally out of control?

In her new book: “From My Balcony to Yours,” author Nino Gugunishvili shares her personal account during the first several months of the COVID -19 global pandemic in the form of short stories and observations.

Nino Gugunishvili’s writing biography includes a collection of short stories “ You Will Have a Black Labrador” and a women’s fiction novel “ Friday Evening, Eight O’Clock.”

Nino Gugunishvili is the author of the two collections of short stories, “From My Balcony to Yours” and “You Will Have a Black Labrador.”  Her women’s fiction novel “Friday Evening, Eight O’Clock” was published in 2015.  Nino lives in Tbilisi, Georgia. Her educational and professional background includes film, television, and journalism.  

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