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The Book of Gates by Audrey Verreault is out now on Amazon.

The Book of Gates
The Book of Gates is out now!

What if your survival was bound to someone else’s?

My name is JudyAnn. I am from Galénor, a world populated by humans like you and I, as well as inferniths – half-human, half-demon beings such as muses, vampires, and chimeras.

The authorities are pushing for these hybrids to be integrated, but I have never trusted them… Among them, a dark mage called Kendrick has been spreading chaos and mayhem for decades and telling his followers to live according to their true nature.-. Murders and abductions are common occurrences.

I live in Aldorham, a small, fortified village whose walls I have never set foot outside. Upon my 19th birthday, my world was flipped upside down. I discovered I was a Gemini. Yet, I was convinced these magicians had been extinct for a long time. To add the cherry on top, I was told I had a sister somewhere and that both of our lives were bound together. If this girl dies, I will follow suit.

A magician was sent to fetch me at the inn where I work. He will escort me all the way to Godwynn. He is rather charming, despite his peculiar attire.

We are to depart tomorrow, and I just learned he is also a vampire and will be my magic instructor. A vampire as a bodyguard… how does that make me feel safer?

I am both anxious and excited to leave, but I know I will have to hide and possibly struggle for my life, for I am also at the center of a prophecy in which Kendrick and his followers are very interested…

If you like stories with magic and a touch of romance, you will love this series!

Meet the Author

Author AUDREY VERREAULT is a fantasy author. She resides in Quebec, in Canada with her family. She works as a computer programmer. When she’s not writing, she spends her time reading, watching superheroes and fantasy movies, and drawing. For upcoming book releases and information on the author, you can visit her website :

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