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Saving the One You Love
Saving the One You Love by LeAnne McKinley

 A second chance always comes at a high price.

Anna Graham puts in her time as a waitress like the good girl she’s trying to be. She doesn’t want to miss the wild recklessness that made her feel like she owned the world – and that nearly destroyed her. She’s struggled to overcome her drug addiction and everything that came with it, but an endless succession of lonely nights is poor compensation. And some memories refuse to stay in the past.

Meet The Author

When she meets Mark Powell, a biologist who’s come home to recuperate from field research, she feels for the first time that there might be something more for her; but she knows the tenuous connection between them would be undone if he knew the truth.

Mark used to think he had found his calling in life, but he’s returned to Galveston dissatisfied with his work and at loose ends. When he finds something irresistible in the lonely waitress he’s found, his days seem to have a clear purpose again. He wants to save Anna, but he doesn’t know yet what he’s saving her from.

If Anna reveals the truth, she could ruin the life she is trying to hold together, and still lose Mark just the same. Can she take that chance?

Author LeAnne McKinley was born and raised in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. LeAnne McKinley barely finished her English degree on time, achieving the last pesky credit hour with a 50 page paper on the cultural significance of the sea monster in Lake Champlain. She packed up and headed west to the dusty feet of the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico, where she met her beloved husband and embarked on motherhood. She now spends her free time reading Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, C.S. Lewis, and Dorothy Sayers, among others. She currently lives on an island in the Gulf of Mexico (okay, it’s connected to Texas by a bridge), with her husband and playful children who have yet to learn that when Mommy is writing, she is not available to answer the question why.

You can visit her online at or You can purchase the book on Amazon too.

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