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Alnitak The Orion Belt by Oliver Storm is a sci-fantasy book that takes to the planet of Alnitak. It is located near the belt of Orion and ruled under a monarch. A young princess, Zaira, gets thrown into the role of being Crown when her father, King Jasper, unexpectedly passes. However, Zaira soon finds out that being Crown is not as easy as it may have appeared. She must continuously prove her worth to everyone around her to keep the kingdom unrivaled by others. At the same time, Zaira is doing that she is also looking into her father’s suspicious death. Was it natural causes? Was someone targeting him? Zaira is determined to find out.

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However, uncovering secrets has its consequences. Amid Zaira facing the obstacles relating to her late father, she must also tackle the dire conditions of malfunctioning in the kingdom. The same shells that allow people to dwell in Alnitak are unexpectedly hitting glitches. Can Zaira stop these glitches before her subjects start to die?

We also meet Noah and his friends on this journey who stand against the violence occurring. They are strong characters who give an entirely different view of the world of Alnitak. Find out if these friends can harness their gifts and fight back when you get your copy of Alnitak.

Overall, Alnitak The Orion Belt by Oliver Storm is a fast-pace, compelling read.

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Sci-fi is a hard genre to tackle because it is easy to overwhelm the reader, but Oliver Storm crafted a book that I feel anyone can read! I thought the characters were well-rounded, and the storyline pulled me in. When I was taking a reading break, I found myself thinking back to this storyline, which is always a good thing! My favorite character was definitely Zaira. I loved her character arc and how we got to see her grow into her own throughout the story. The ending was GREAT too! It made me want book two right now! What I loved most was the worldbuilding of Alnitak! Author Oliver Storm did a great job in pulling me into the world he created.

I will say that although it was an easy read, I wanted the first paragraphs indented. I feel like that would have made me be able to find my place better when I left off in a section. With that said, it did not deter me from coming back to it and reading this book in a day and a half! If you love sci-fi, you need to check-out this book!

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