January TBR2021

My January TBR Book Picks are finally revealed! I am so excited to reveal my reads. My slogan this month is Make it A Year About Books! I have romance to YA fantasy to middle-grade fiction to thrillers! One book I am so excited to read is Steven King’s! ItContinue Reading

The Cousins

The Cousins by Karen McManus Review This novel centers around the Story family. The Story’s are a wealthy family who live on Gull Cove Island. Shortly after their father passes away, their mother sends them a letter stating, you know what you did, disinheriting them. Fast-forward roughly two decades later,Continue Reading

The Connection

The Connection by Dana Claire Review This novel centers around Beatrice ‘Bea’ Walker. Bea moves back to her hometown with her dad after several years away and no recollection of her final moments with her mother. She rekindles her friendships with her two best friends and catches the attention ofContinue Reading