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What Would Frida Do? by Arianna Davis also known as What Would Friday Do? A Guide to Living Boldly!

“This quirky paean to artist and feminist icon Frida Kahlo is a reminder of how to enjoy life to the n th degree.” Booklist  

“One of the 20 Best Books to Read for Latinx Heritage Month”—Parade

“A modern take on a woman who was modern beyond her time. Arianna Davis’s book paints a colorful picture of the strength, courage, and love that uplifted Frida Kahlo through her many tragedies. This comprehensive look into Frida’s life leads me to think that we could all learn a lesson or two from Frida.” —Nina Garcia, Editor-in-Chief of Elle      
What Would Frida Do
I loved talking with the Author Arianna Davis on Book Hour!

Though she died in 1954, Frida Kahlo was reborn in the 1970s and 80s as her work became a symbol for women’s and Mexican rights movements. As Kahlo’s reputation grew, fans and art lovers worldwide were captivated by her bold colors and even bolder life. Kahlo was introduced to a whole new generation of admirers in 2002 via her biopic Frida, and it was then that fifteen-year-old Arianna Davis’s lifelong fascination began. 10th

Today, Kahlo lives in legend as a symbol of strength and fierce womanhood. Her artwork and image appear in museum retrospectives, neighborhood murals, and on everything from Frida tote bags to t-shirts, sneakers, and even tattoos. And Davis, now digital director at a major media company, has written a book for all of us who want to channel a little bit of Frida’s magic.  

What Would Frida Do? A Guide to Living Boldly (Seal Press, October 20, 2020) invites readers to explore the legacy of Frida Kahlo in a new way, by taking lessons from Frida’s famous story and applying them to their own lives. Tackling topics such as confidence and pain, heartbreak and sex, Davis mines a remarkable life and finds much inspiration for those of us seeking to live outside the box or color outside the lines…even if only once in a while. For example:Embrace Kahlo’s love of the “selfie,” but pull back on the photoshop: Kahlo embraced the natural beauty in her subjects, and portrayed her own appearance honestly

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable: as Kahlo did after surviving a traumatic incident and rollercoaster marriage, then pouring everything into her work—and then sharing that work with the entire world

Tune out the background noise: whether it’s your loved ones opinions or comments from haters, don’t let anyone stop you from pursuing your passion. In her personal and professional lives, Frida pushed past everyone who wanted to hold her back –and now, her work encourages others to do the same.

No moment is too small to make a statement: whether it was spending hours getting dressed every day, setting her dinner table, or arriving to her final art exhibition in her own sickbed, Frida treated life as her canvas.

Meet the Author

Tell your story, your own way: even in the face of pain, shame, and betrayal, Frida wore her heart on her sleeve through her art, journals, and letters to friends.


Arianna Davis is the digital director for O, The Oprah Magazine. As a Latinx woman of color, Davis has drawn inspiration from Kahlo throughout her career, from her work at Refinery29 and Us Weekly to her contributions to New York Magazine, Glamour, Marie Claire, and PopSugar Latina. Studying Frida’s art and life helped Davis forge her own path to success as a writer and editor with the goal of empowering women. Davis also has served as an entertainment expert for “Access Hollywood,” “Tamron Hall,” VH1, TLC, and more. She lives in New York City.   



A Guide to Living Boldly

By Arianna Davis

Published by Seal Press, an imprint of Hachette Book Group

Publication date: October 20, 2020

ISBN: 9781541646322 • $25 US / $31 CAN • Hardcover • 256 pages

E-book ISBN: 9781541646315

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