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One by One by Ruth Ware Review is here. This book centers around two characters: Erin and Liz. Erin is a chalet girl working at a chalet with Danny, the chef. Together they are in charge of Chalet Perce-Neige where they tend to guests from wealthy families to corporations. They are getting ready to tend to the corporate heads of Snoop. A music streaming app that is a very successful billion-dollar corporation.

One by One
I loved One by One by Ruth Ware! Have you read it?

When the guests: Topher, Eva, Miranda, Rik, Tiger, Carl, Elliot, Ani, Inigo, and Liz arrive, the chalet is in full swing with talking and music. However, slowly things start to unravel, and Erin sees that these guests are each hiding something. The first day they go out after arguing about selling Snoop and collect money in a buyout. This is something one of the co-founders Topher is against doing. The group decides to ski in the French Alps even though there is a warning of an avalanche.

On the last ski of the day before heading back for the chalet, one of the guests goes missing in the mountain, never returning. Then, a horrible avalanche hits, knocking out power and electricity. This leaves the group stranded, and things get even worse when realizing that the one left in the mountain is presumed dead. The next morning another member of the group is found dead and after that another.

What gets worse is the chalet is getting colder, and there is no word from authorities. With no electricity or sight of any help coming, everyone is locked inside with a murderer. The problem is no one knows who. Erin ends up getting her ankle hurt while trying to leave to get help. Can Erin figure out what’s going on before another body turns up? But the thing is, she is hiding a secret too that relates to Topher.

Liz, on the other hand, doesn’t trust one person there. She is facing a burdened secret of her own. Can she save herself before another body turns up? Find out when you read One by One.

This book was definitely a page-turner! It was my first book by Ruth Ware and definitely won’t be my last. It left me hanging a few times, and I did not see the twists coming. One by One is a must-read thriller. I love how the book shifts from different characters, especially with the twists thrown at you. Ruth Ware captured the mountains’ atmosphere, too, making me feel the icy cold winds on my skin as I read. I loved the characters too, and how she was able to capture the Snoop founders’ personality along with Erin. She had Erin struggling with her past while incorporating her storyline in this book perfectly.

The tension was great, the mystery was great, and the dialogue was great. Everything about this book makes it a ‘HeyitsCarlyRae’ must-read on your TBR! WATCH my VIRTUAL Book Review on YouTube below!

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Title: One by One
Author: Ruth Ware
Pages: 385
Where to Purchase: AmazonBarnes and NobleTargetBooks A Million
I rate it: 5/5

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