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Jingle All the Way by Debbie Macomber Review, is here. I was so excited to get an ARC copy from Random House. Debbie Macomber is known for her romance novels, and this book was such a fun read!

We meet overworked, single businesswoman, Everly’ Daisy’ Lancaster. She runs Easy Home alongside Jack, but Everly does most of the work. Everly is always the first one at the office and the last to leave. When her assistance, Annette, also Jack’s niece, messes up a massive presentation for Everly, she fires her. But Jack refuses to agree, acknowledging that all Everly needs is time off, forcing her to take the entire month of December off.

Jingle All The Way
Jingle All The Way is such a fun read to start your holiday book reading list off!

Everly hates the entire idea, but to prove her worth and leave him with Annette, she goes along with it all, agreeing to go on a cruise in Brazil. Little does Everly know, she doesn’t double-check Annette and learns as punishment, Annette booked her on the Amazon Explorer. A boat that goes down the Amazon River that is hardly luxurious and has no cell phone reception. Everly has nothing to wear, and the first day she arrives, she gets bit by a mosquito, suffering a horrible reaction.

She gets tended to by the boat naturalist, Asher Adams, who is around her age and easy on the eyes. The two not only strike up a conversation as Asher nurses her to health, but they also strike up feelings for each other. Slowly, Everly sees herself as Daisy and starts to see everything wrong with her life and what she wants. Nothing is going according to plan, but she doesn’t need plans when Daisy looks at Asher.

But the reality is they both live two very different lives. Neither is exactly alike in personality or geography. Will they decide love is worth the risk? Or will this boat romance end at the dock? Find out when you read Jingle All the Way by Debbie Macomber.

I have to say I enjoyed this book. The characters were fabulous, especially Daisy and Asher. I also really enjoyed the storyline. The cover makes you think you will be basking in the snowy holiday weather. However, the majority of the book takes place in the Amazon, which I found myself enjoying. It was a fun twist to a holiday book. I now want to take a cruise down the Amazon like Daisy!

Also, I really enjoyed the aspect of Easy Homes and really appreciated how well Debbie Macomber knew her characters. I definitely recommend giving this book a read! It is an excellent addition to her series of novels.

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Title: Jingle All The Way
Author: Debbie Macomber
Pages: 272
Where to Purchase: AmazonBarnes and NobleTargetBooks A Million
I rate it: 5/5

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