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The Spitfire Girls by Soraya M. Lane Review is here. This was my most requested historical romance book on my Facebook.

The Spitfire Girls
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It centers around May, Lizzie, and Ruby. They are all pilots and wanting to help in the war efforts during WWII. More than anything, they want to fly military aircrafts to help aide in the war effort. However, they are women, and that means they are meant to stay home, write letters, and knit. Well, Lizzie won’t have any of that. She is American and determined to have her own female squadron to help the Air force. After meeting with Eleanor Roosevelt, Lizzie goes to England to learn the ropes with British Air Transport Auxiliary, where women are already piloting aircrafts to bases for the men to take into battle.

It is there Lizzie meets Ruby and May. May is in charge of the squadron of women and hardly a fan of the new American she is now in charge of. All May wants is for Lizzie to move on and go back to America. But May has to admit Lizzie knows how to fly. It is why she brings her and Ruby with her when she is asked to bring pilots to charge four-engine bomber planes. But only one will have the honor of being the face of the new mission. This puts Lizzie and Ruby against each other as both want the recognition.

Lizzie must deal with the handsome Captain Jackson Montgomery telling her what to do, but will their bickering turn into more? Meanwhile, Ruby is fighting to have the confidence to fly to her ability. Her fiancé Tom is away fighting and doesn’t want her to fly. It doesn’t help she knows her soon to be mother in law hates the idea too forcing Tom to end the engagement if Ruby doesn’t give up her flying. Will he go along with the ultimatum?

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No one has more on their shoulders though than May. She is their leader and holds her breath every day, praying she will lose no girls in their missions. It’s even harder because her girls must fly with no instruments or radios, making them on their own in the air and in navigating. May focuses on this to put aside her feelings of never going home. She lost her brother in the war, and his death is something she can never get over. Can Ben, her flight mechanic, be the shoulder that holds her up? Will, she let him save her when she can’t save herself?

This story is a riveting story of powerful women during this time and the struggles they faced. Not only do the women have to forge ahead and build unbreaking bonds with one another. They must also face heartbreak. It’s war, and no one is safe. If you’re a fan of The Flight Girls, you’ll find yourself wanting to read this novel!

There were grammatical errors throughout the book. However, the storyline was gripping enough to keep me reading throughout the novel. I found my favorite character ended up being Ruby. At first, I was a Lizzie fan, but I found Ruby was one who ended up finding her inner strength. She grew the most as a character throughout this novel, which I loved! If you’ve read this book comment below and let me know!

I give it a 4/5 stars!

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