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What happens when the best of all shape-shifters teams up with the most talented time traveler to save a freedom fighter? And what if they fall in love along the way?

The Shape-Shifter's Guide to Time Travel
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The Shape-Shifter’s Guide to Time Travel by Mark Budman – March 2020, published by Black Rose Writing. A young adult fantasy/dystopian/romance. In paperback or Kindle.

This book is for anyone young and young at heart, interested in fantasy, history, quest, romance and fighting a dictatorship.

In the country of Temnota, ruled by Beloved Dear President-Prime Minister for Life, many kids can grow a pair of wings, a third eye or even shift into a resemblance of another person. But eighteen-year-old Gavrilo, the scion of an old dynasty, is an elite shifter who can become anything, fool everyone, and have fun at that. He doesn’t have the telltale shimmer by which changers can be recognized, and, unlike most of them, he doesn’t lose this ability when he turns sixteen. People like him are known as the Talents, and the government fears them.

When 18-year-old Rose arrives in Temnota from the US as an exchange student, she finds the country even more oppressive than she thought. The Secret Service has just imprisoned Libera, a young rebel leader. A shape-shifter, she can escape by taking any form, so they’ve locked her away in a cell impenetrable to her kind, and are about to execute her.

Rose has powers of her own: she’s a time traveler, and she can take someone else with her back in time. Rose is a sharp-tongued know-it-all, and the best friend you can have. She teams up with Gavrilo to find a way to unlock Libera’s cell to save her. According to a legend, such a way existed a long time ago. Rose takes Gavrilo back to the past to find it.

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A Secret Service Major, a Talent, and an evil genius of shifters, stands in their way. Rose and Gavrilo fall for each other, but she has a disease that prevents them from touching. Will they beat the death clock and save the country and their love?

“In THE SHAPE-SHIFTER’S GUIDE TO TIME TRAVEL, Mark Budman serves up a quirky and entertaining tale liberally seasoned with humor. Join Gavrilo and Rose in their shape-shifting, time-traveling adventures and misadventures for a good read with a rousing conclusion and the promise of further adventures to come.” 
–Bruce Boston, Bram Stoker Award author of Dark Matters

“Temnota is a mythical country not found on any map. If you google the word, you’d come up with darkness and gloom. That’s the best way to describe this country, oppressive and poor, the Hermit Kingdom of the West, yet the country that thinks high about itself.”—From Cease, Cows

“The Shape-Shifters Guide to Time Travel is a cool way to spend a few afternoons. It’s set in an imaginary country called Temnota, which resembles the old Soviet Union, yet features two of the more likable, inventive young characters I’ve seen in a while.” —An Amazon Review

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