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I have to say this is yet another reason why I love Ange Thomas’s writing. She did a great job in bringing back the story of The Hate U Give into Concrete Rose. The storyline is fresh and written in a great way.

I enjoyed the Greek mythology mixed into the YA fantasy. This book’s action is spot on, and the characters do an excellent job of carrying such a bold, strong subject. HOWEVER, I have a few complaints.

After spending a few years researching the world of books, the publication process, and reading hundreds of books, I thought it was the best choice. Deciding on an editor was tricky. I wasn’t sure where to begin in the freelance world.

As an avid thriller reader, I give this a HUGE 5 out of 5 stars! This book got me out of my reading slump. From the characters to the plot to the scenery to the voice to the mystery—Shiver is a homerun.