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E.R. Nurses by James Patterson Review is here. The co-author of this book is Matt Eversmann, and both these authors did a fantastic job. I am a huge Patterson fan for those who don’t know, and this book is no exception. Unlike any other Patterson book I’ve read, it made me stand in even greater awe of the books he writes.

So, what made this book stand out?

E.R. Nurses Review
E.R. Nurses Review

First of all, this book is based on the heroic TRUE stories of E.R. nurses from around America. The stories are raw and heartbreaking, allowing you into the lives of nurses in an entirely new way. Tara Cuccinelli and Teneille Taylor were both stories I marked to reread in this book. They were powerful and stayed with me. Now, I won’t give away spoilers, but when you read this book let me know if you connected with their stories.

There is also an entire section on the stories of Flight Nurses—nurses who take a helicopter to a scene and stabilize a patient enough to be transported to a local hospital. Those stories were also compelling.

There was no one dull moment, and I loved how instead of a chapter, there were different stories told about each nurse. No account was the same, and each one was just as powerful as the next. My favorite part was reading how nurses keep their hope and strength. What drives them is being thanked for the job and knowing they are appreciated. It made me view nurses in an entirely new light and recognize how strong nurses are inside and out. The strength nurses have is astounding, and I am so glad this book allowed me to see a glimpse of it.

I give this book five stars and I keep telling everyone I know to check this book out. I wish I had read it sooner because it really changed my view and my reading. A perfect read that is unlike any other I’ve read.

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