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Review: Deadly Cross by James Patterson is another thrilling read. Deadly Cross brings back my favorite character, Alex Cross, in an all-new heart-pounding—heart-stopping mystery!

In true James Patterson style, we get a thrilling mystery that I read in a day! In Deadly Cross, though, we get not one…not two…but THREE murders we have to solve before the end of the book!

Deadly Cross by James Patterson Review
Deadly Cross by James Patterson is a book I will be reading again!

The first murder is that of Kay Willingham and Randal Christopher. Kay is a gorgeous socialite and the ex-wife of the vice president of the United States. She was murdered while provocatively entangled with Randal. He is a married, prominent African American man in his community, having run a local school. Alex needs to figure out who would want to murder them at close range in such a savage way. What were they hiding? Who was after them? The questions cause a local reporter to dig up dirt, claiming that Alex had an affair with Kay once upon a time ago. Did he? Was it before or after he met Bree?

Meanwhile, local girls are being kidnaped, raped, and murdered. The time is ticking after yet another body of a local girl is found. Things get worse when another girl and then two more get kidnapped.

Can Alex find them in time while uncovering who the serial killer is?

On top of all this chaos, someone is shooting wealthy and powerful men and women in the backends. Who is after them and why?

Amid all these crimes, Alex keeps us grounded with his life in his family. But when an expected tragedy strikes, is it something he can overcome? Bree, Ali, Jannie, Nana Mama, Ned Mahoney, John Sampson, and Billie round out the characters’ cast. It’s the entire back gang together in an Alex Cross mystery you won’t soon forget!

I have to say Deadly Cross by James Patterson did it AGAIN!

I LOVED every word of this novel. The characters are some of my favorite from Patterson. Alex Cross is a family man, a good husband, and a kick-ass detective. The mysteries are perfect in this book too. I did NOT see any of it coming and especially did not guess the Red Herring.

My favorite part of this book is all the scenes involving Alex and Bree. I love them together. But I love how strong Bree is on her own too. I really enjoy Nana Mama as well. She is such a great addition to this ensemble of characters.

I still cannot believe there were three cases in this book. None of it is confusing either, which I am still trying to figure out how James Patterson pulled off. The cases were different, but two entwined, leaving me going OH MY GOSH!

Deadly Cross is another Patterson novel for the books. I cannot wait for another Alex Cross mystery! What James Patterson are you reading? Do you have a favorite?

My Star Rating for Deadly Cross by James Patterson is:

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