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Reckless Girls by Rachel Hawkins Review is here. This was my first book by Rachel and won’t be my last. I saw this all over bookstagram and had to get it. First, it was the cover that drew me in. Then it was the thriller genre that I could not turn down.

So why is this book all over bookstagram?

Book review of Reckless Girls
Book review of Reckless Girls is finally here!

Well, the short version is it is a page-turner! Reckless Girls centers around Lux, who is dating Nico. Lux recently lost her mom and met Nico shortly afterward. They fell in love, and Nico invited her to join him in Hawaii on his boat. Lux decided to follow and join his adventure because she wanted a change. Lux finds herself working as a maid in Hawaii since the boat needs repairs and cannot set sail until they are finished. Nico comes from a wealthy family but refuses to ask for help, but an unexpected opportunity awaits when Lux loses her job.

Nico meets Brittany and Amma at a local bar, and they offer to pay $50000 for a charter to Meroe Island. It is an island with sinister secrets, but Lux agrees to go because the only will fix the boat, allowing her and Nico to follow their adventure. They find another couple—Jake and Eliza—there on a wealthy boat when they arrive. The first night is the definition of paradise. But after that, things take a turn for the worst, and bodies pile up. Who is the killer? After all, there are only six on the island…or are there others? Does paradise hold dark secrets? Find out when you read Reckless Girls.

I give this book a four out of five stars.

I wanted to give it five stars, but the twist ending in dealing with Lux (while it was a great twist) threw me for a loop. Again, I won’t give away spoilers! I will say that I did enjoy my first Rachel Hawkins book. It won’t be my last read for this author. The characters were well thought out and dynamic. My favorite character was Brittany (well, until the end). I also loved the setting and description. I thought it was well done and made me want to go to Hawaii. I definitely won’t be visiting Meroe Island, but I would like to go to Hawaii. What was your favorite part?

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