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The Attic on Queen Street by Karen White Review is finally here. First, thank you, Berkley Publishing, for sending me this finished copy. This is the final book in White’s Tradd Street book series, and part of me is sad because I love this series so much!

This book picks up with our protagonist Melanie Trenholm who is not on the best terms with her husband. He wants to separate, but Melanie decides to change his mind. She doesn’t want to lose the father of her twins, especially when she feels this all may be her fault.

Book Review The Attic on Queen Street
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Melanie also doesn’t see Marc Longo—her longtime nemesis—showing back up until he asks to use her Tradd Street house as a filming location. She wants to say no, but Jack decides to say yes because he is desperate to get his writing career back on track. Both soon find out, though, Marc is still Marc and only wants into Tradd Street to uncover a long-lost gem. Now, Melanie must heed the haunting spirits warning in Tradd Street that someone is after her family. Will she be able to stop who’s after them in time? And will Melanie be able to uncover the mystery of the spirits in the home before they stop her? Find out when you read the final book in the Tradd Street series!

I am a fan of Karen White’s writing because it always lures me in. I admit reading this book made me question ever residing in an old house. But I loved how realistic everything was in White’s writing of this book. It made me feel as if I was right beside the character of Melanie! Comment or write in and let me know if you have read this book!

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