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You Truly Assumed by Laila Sabreen is an ARC (advanced reader copy) I got in the mail last month. Thank you, Inkyard Press, for sending me a copy. This book opens with a sentence behind the dedication pages letting readers know that it does contain instances of racism, anti-Muslim hate, and online harassment.

This book centers around Sabriya, a black Muslim girl whose world is turned upside down after a terrorist attack shakes the US. It also erupts a wave of anti-Islamic hate. Sabriya’s escape is writing in her online journal—You Truly Assumed. However, she realizes her journal is not private, and others are out there in the US just like her, facing what she faces.

You Truly Assumed by Laila Sabreen
You Truly Assumed by Laila Sabreen

Zakat feels safe reading and finding voices online. She deems it ‘fate’ when she starts reading and connecting with You Truly Assumed. But for Zakat, things get rocky when vandalism strikes too close to home, forcing her to question everything.

Farah wants to do anything but visit her father and his new family. Yet she finds herself there, and the chance in scenery changes things. Farah also joins in reading You Truly Assumed.

These three Black Muslim girls band together, determined not to let the online haters ruin their platform. But they must decide to either give it all up and stay safe OR let their words hold their ground.

I must say Laila Sabreen is a powerful writer. She captured the voice and tone of her three protagonists telling this book in three character POV’s. It’s a powerful YA read you definitely need to read.

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