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HeyitsCarlyRae Book Club is a virtual book club founded by HeyitsCarlyRae herself. Unlike other book clubs, every genre is welcome to join. We read books in every genre, from romcoms to historical fiction to thrillers and more! The best part? Readers vote on what book they want to read for the month. Voting commences on HeyitsCarlyRae Book Club IG page, while anyone can comment their book suggestion. The book that wins in the polls is the book that is chosen for the next month.

As more and more bookish besties learn about HeyitsCarlyRae Book Club, the more they inquire—how do I join?

So here’s how to join HeyitsCarlyRae’s Book Club.

First Off— It’s free!

Unlike other book clubs that charge a fee to join, HeyitsCarlyRae Book Club doesn’t. You can join any time, anywhere. There are no hidden costs or CC required. You can also opt out of reading for the month if you don’t like the book club pick. It’s completely up to you. Either way, when you join the book club group, you can always chat about your current read!

Second—join us with one click!

HeyitsCarlyRae Book Club has an exclusive book club in Geneva. Join here

Geneva is an entirely free app that can be downloaded and used worldwide. We have bookish besties joining us from California to London to Scotland and more! Each month there is a section dedicated to our book club pick where you can chat about the book. You can also join HeyitsCarlyRae Book Club on IG and get added to the IG group, where you can directly connect on the platform with fellow readers.

The best part? You have all month long to read the book!

Third – Join our Book Club email list!

Want to get exclusive updates directly in your inbox? Just pop in your details below and you’ll be added to our list.

Check the book picked for this month here.

Stay connected and tag—#heyitscarlyraebookclub in all your posts or your reviews. Connecting with bookish besties is what makes our day!

Wait, I don’t have to read a certain number of chapters each week?

Nope! I want you to enjoy reading without the pressure! Life happens; sometimes, we can binge-read a book in a day, and sometimes it takes four weeks. So what I do in my book club is separate the book into chapters, and when you finish a section, you can jump in with other readers to talk about those chapters. It’s so much fun!

I’ve seen reader selfies with your book club pick. Are selfies required to take with the book club pick of the month?

Definitely not, but it is encouraged! In Geneva, there is a folder where your post your selfie and IG handle. At the end of the month, the beautiful bookish bestie selfies get shared with fellow readers and the authors!

What if I hate the book club pick? Do I still share my reviews?

YES! Just because you didn’t like the book doesn’t mean you can’t share it. We encourage every reader to share reviews, no matter if it’s one or five stars. If you don’t like the book, still join in the group chats and share with readers why you don’t like it. Here every opinion is welcomed.

When do I find out the book club pick for the month?

HeyitsCarlyRae Book Club announces the book club pick on the 1st of every month. You can find the book pick when you sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Instagram, or log onto the site to be alerted.

Can I join the monthly read mid-month?

Yes! Sometimes readers can’t get the book from the library or don’t think they’ll have time to read along but end up finding the time. Therefore, we welcome readers to join us any time of the month!

Any other questions, contact us!

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