In Every Generation by Kendare Blake

In Every Generation by Kendare Blake

In Every Generation by Kendare Blake is a new book I just got from Disney Books. It’s the first book I received from Disney Books, AND it’s an early advanced reader copy! How awesome is that? Needless to say, I dove into this book headfirst and did not put it down until I finished. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this YA fantasy read too!

As many of you know, I love Kendare Blake! The first book I read by her was All These Bodies; since then, I’ve been a fan. So anyway, let’s chat about In Every Generation because it releases on January 4th, 2022!

Alright, so, In Every Generation is set in the Buffy world. It follows Frankie Rosenberg, who has a huge passion for the environment. She is also a sophomore and, oh yeah…the daughter of the most powerful witch in her town of Sunnydale. Her mother, Willow, is just now beginning to teach her magic. However, Frankie must use what she learns only for good. But everything comes crashing down when a new girl shows up and tells everyone that the annual Slayer convention got ambushed and some may be dead.

In Every Generation by Kendare Blake Book Review
In Every Generation by Kendare Blake Book Review

Now, Frankie must learn how not just to be a slayer but also wield her powers with the help of the new girl, a werewolf, and a demon. Can she rise to the occasion and do magic while holding a stake to stop the Hellmouth from coming open again?

Find out when you read In Every Generation!

I did not put this book down since I opened it. It’s a little over 375 pages, but the pacing is great, and the characters are so enticing I did not want to leave them! I’m hoping there will be another book in this all-new world. My review will remain a spoiler-free overview, so I won’t give anything away, but I will say mark down January 4th, 2022, when it is due to release because you don’t want to miss getting your copy!

One thing that I loved and will share is how there is a short phrase about the upcoming chapter under each chapter. I loved reading those and how they pertained to the chapters—such a great touch!

Have you read any Kendare Blake books? Comment or write in and let me know. Also, get your copy on Amazon!

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