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If the Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy Review is here and I cannot tell you how excited I am to chat about this book. This book centers are Cindy. She is a recent design school graduate and dreams of designing a shoe line. Cindy is also unapologetically plus-size and embraces who she is.

Are you a Sarah J. Maas fan? I definitely am! Admittedly, I didn’t start reading J. Maas until I joined bookstagram. If you’re on there, you already know the HUGE following this author has online. I kept seeing her books on my feed over and over and over.

The Mother of All Fights by Erin Soto is today’s featured read. Some readers may not know that March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Author Erin Soto is here to remind you. She is a survivor of stage three colon cancer and decided to share her inspiring journey in her new memoir, Mother of All Fights.

This was my first book by Rachel and won’t be my last. I saw this all over bookstagram and had to get it. First, it was the cover that drew me in. Then it was the thriller genre that I could not turn down.

My Harvard Journey Read it later

I got accepted into Harvard! It’s a new chapter and one I have been pursuing since this past summer. After joining the bookstagram community a few years ago, I really found what I love—reading.

Skin of the Sea by Natasha Brown feature is here! I must say, who doesn’t love a book filled with magical mermaids? When I first saw this book, the cover grabbed my attention. It is GORGEOUS and something different for the YA fantasy market. The protagonist Simi is a servant to the gods known as Mami Wata—aka a mermaid. She swims the waters and collects the souls of those who lose their lives in the waters, blessing them on their way back home.

HeyitsCarlyRae Book Club is a virtual book club founded by HeyitsCarlyRae herself. Unlike other book clubs, every genre is welcome to join. We read books in every genre, from romcoms […]

This book centers around Sabriya, a black Muslim girl whose world is turned upside down after a terrorist attack shakes the US. It also erupts a wave of anti-Islamic hate. Sabriya’s escape is writing in her online journal—You Truly Assumed.