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Three Thrillers I recommend reading are: Fair Warning by Michael Connelly, Shiver by Allie Reynolds, and Lost by James Patterson. You may ask yourself—why these thrillers? Well, what makes a great thriller for me is the plot, the pacing, the mystery, and the characters. First, the plot has to be gripping. If I am not totally consumed by the plot of a book by page 50, I most likely won’t finish and won’t recommend the book. The pacing has to be fast-paced in a thriller too. I don’t like plots that drag or are super slow. I want action and shock in the beginning pages of a thriller. Next up is the mystery. I want a mystery that stumps me or has me tempted to read ahead to figure out if the main character is going to be kidnapped. The mystery must surprise me. Finally comes the characters. I need to feel connected to the characters in some way. If I don’t connect with the character’s voice or storyline, again, I won’t finish reading the book. So let’s talk about these three thrillers.

Fair Warning by Michael Connelly

Fair Warning centers around Jack McEvoy. He is a veteran reporter who decides to resurrect his job after a woman he had a one-night stand with turns up dead…well, murdered. Jack decides to do his own investigation and starts to unearth some chilling finds. First, this isn’t the killer’s first victim. Many women across the U.S. have suffered the same death as the woman Jack knew. Second, it all leads to DNA testing. The killer somehow gets hold of their DNA before tracking them down and murdering them. But just when Jack discovers the truth behind these deaths, it may be too late for him. Find out if Jack can solve this murder before he becomes a victim himself.

I really enjoyed this plot and how fast-paced the writing style was throughout. I learned things about DNA testing while having no idea who was behind the unsolved murders. Definitely recommend!

Fair Warning by Michael Connelly
Order Fair Warning by Michael Connelly

Shiver by Allie Reynolds

Shiver takes us to the French Alps, where protagonist Milla goes after accepting an off-season invitation to Le Rocher to reunite with four old friends. But the reunion melts secrets no longer frozen in time. Milla finds herself having to face what happened ten years ago to their missing friend, Saskia, when a game of icebreaker takes a dark turn. Stranded in the chateau with no phones, electricity, or any other form of communication, the old friends must band together. But can they trust each other? We get to read flashback chapters revealing their bond years ago, while the present highlights just how different their lives turned out. But the big question is, are any of them capable of murder? How will they get to the bottom of what happened to Saskia? And who called them together only to strand them in this frozen chateau? Find out when you read Shiver.

This book I read in a day! It was fast-paced with a fresh voice and characters I fell in love with from page one. I thought the mystery was absolutely great and cannot wait to read more by this author. This entire book, from start to finish, whisked me into the world Allie Reynolds created.

Order Shiver by Allie Reynolds

Lost by James Patterson and James O. Born

In this new series by Patterson, we meet Tom Moon. He’s a former University of Miami football player and still lives in Miami, Florida. Tom has moved up the ranks and is now a part of the FBI’s task force ‘Operation Guardian’, which deals with international crime. When Tom discovers girls are going missing, he is thrown head first into a crime involving two brothers. He is determined to get the girls back and will stop at nothing until he serves justice. Miami is captured in an accurate and vibrant way bringing it to life as a character in itself. The heart-pounding story kept me on my toes until the final page!

Lost kept my heart pounding, while I enjoyed how accurate the city of Miami was captured in the pages since I have been there so many times. I adored Tom and thought his characterization was strong, while the mystery kept me turning the pages as fast as possible. Again, I recommend Lost!

Lost by James Patterson
Order Lost by James Patterson

If you have read Fair Warning, Shiver, or Lost, write in and let me know your thoughts. But if you haven’t read them, I recommend putting them on your TBR right now!

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