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The Vision by Eugene Chernett is out now.

The Vision
The Vision is out now.


Before receiving the letter that would change it all, Maxwell was a young reporter for a Chicago publication, living his ordinary life in a studio apartment. But now, the world he thought he knew had been pulled from under him, revealing a new reality of unlimited possibilities but also of as many uncertainties. After meeting an enigmatic figure named Virgil, he is faced with a decision that he knows can never be undone. Through an incredible new insight, he is given a grand promise of a renewed purpose for his life going forward. But is there more to this insight than meets the eye?

The Vision was a great read. As you know, I love thriller novels. This book was no exception and definitely a page-turner, especially the second half of the book. My favorite part of this book was the ending, but I won’t be giving away spoilers. You will have to get your copy of this novel and write in to tell me what you think!

Below is a message from author Eugene Chernett!

‘My name is Eugene Chernett. I am a New York attorney who has thoroughly enjoyed writing ever since he was a child. Some of my earliest memories are those of my grandparents buying thin notebooks for me that I would promptly fill with all sorts of adventures spun from my childhood imagination. Well, I am certainly all grown up now, but the passion for creating engaging narratives never left me. If anything, it only became amplified as I grew older. The Vision defies classification into any specific genre, but one thing it certainly represents is an adventure. It is a body of work that I wouldn’t hesitate to call my magnum opus. I conceived of the story years ago, taking my time to perfect it and polish it into a finished product it is today. My sincere hope is that my readers will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.’

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Note: Author provided bio & blurb. I received this product for free for this paid feature, but the honest review is all mine.

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