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The Endless Relation of Love by Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu is here. There was a thunderstorm within him. He couldn’t seem to calm the turmoil in him. He was hurt but wondered how anyone would understand his pain. How would he explain the raging storm within him? 

The Endless Relation of Love
The Endless Relation of Love is out now!

“Hush,” they said.

“It would go away.”

“You’re just a little boy, you know nothing about life,” others told him.

And he did.

Gradually he learned to tame the storm within him. He was blinded to the stabbing pain in his heart. With grim tears, he stared at the object in his hands- his greatest nightmare but also his greatest strength.

Adepoju looked at his friend like he had suddenly grown two heads. He twirled his pen between his fingers, looking at him slyly. 

“You really want me to go on a blind date?” He asked Mike in disbelief.

He watched Mike straighten his grey Armani suit, tugging slightly at the lapel.

“Do you plan on being single all your life?” Mike asked, smirking.

“Someone hearing you would think you’re a married man with like five kids already,” he scoffed.

Picking up his coffee, he took a slow sip from it while staring at Mike through the rim of the cup. “I’m the ladies’ man, bro,” Mike said with a hint of pride, which made Ade laugh. “I can’t just break innocent women’s hearts by retiring so early man. I really don’t mind being a bachelor for a couple of years,” Mike said, winking.

Ade couldn’t dispute the fact that Mike was a playboy. He had the looks and even the gene of a playboy.

The endless relation of love is a true-life story inspired by the real feeling and emotions created by love it was created and also on hurts and damages caused by love thereby causing a big emotional hurt in someone’s heart 

The Endless Relation of Love is a love inspired novel that reveals the secrets of love.

Bringing together 

the romance

the pleasure 

the pain

 the hatred 

Engrossed in the writer’s heart, his longing for the foundation which he has lack affects his personal life. Someone with so much pain do you think he can survive?

Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu is a young athlete who has a passion for sports, swimming, and weightlifting. In complement to these, the young prince is also the CEO of OLAEDUCONSULT. This company helps potential students to secure admission alongside with scholarships to various universities around the world, and also the CEO of FITNESS EMPEROR. This company helps willing people to stay fit regardless of their age. It must be noted that he is also a model, an author, as well as a python programmer, and he is currently pursuing another bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering in one of India’s most prestigious universities.

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