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Reigns of Utopia by Elsie Swain is out now. This is the sequel To ‘Trial Of Identity.’

Reigns of Utopia by Elsie Swain
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Reigns of Utopia follows the struggle and reins of power in the conquest of ensuring the control of the hierarchy of mankind in the top of the chain through forced evolution. It also brings back the beloved characters, bringing back more heart stopping action!

Lost in the crossways of finding their normalcy together, Kate Parker and James Taylor find themselves sinking into the pit roaring the flames giving birth to the rise of chaos that is yet to befall on them. 

Secrets soon start unraveling as their freshman year nears to an end. Kate and James find their bianthromorphic physiologies rapidly progressing. The closer they get to finding the reason behind their selection of being the only two surviving bianthromorphs, and the person behind it all, using the Samuels brothers as a decoy all along. The more they discover about the Cult, and the larger the risks get as they continue rebelling against the chances for joining the hands of their Creator. The specimen ensuring the conquest of mankind in the next forced stage of evolution is to create Utopia.

Life wasn’t supposed to be fair and certainly not for this pair, as the doom of uncertainty starts enveloping them and driving their lives further away from the certainty they crave. Kate and James discover the shadow holding the Reigns of The Cult, along with known hands of support.

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Elsie Swain is the author of this fantastic book. Through her writing, Elsie wishes to break the norms of chasing the ideal society and bridge the gap between humanity and society. The world of books hasn’t been the only source of passion; her arts are a beautiful pictorial representation of her writings, bringing the best of both worlds together.

I will say sometimes sequels fall flat, but not Reigns of Utopia. This book brings back my favorite characters Kate and James, casting them into a new light with more action. Again, the storyline is kept refresh, and they are both powerful characters. I definitely say if you loved Trial of Identity, you will love this book even more! Continue on this fantastic adventure and see where it takes you! I won’t give away any spoilers, but I will say this won’t disappoint! Comment and let me know if you’ve read this book yet or have it on your TBR list!

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