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360 Degrees Home by A.L. Kent is available now! Join Anna as her journey continues and comes full circle in this sequel to A Journey of Three Degrees.

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Follow Anna to graduate school in France where her affections for her French friends deepen while she is immersed in their culture. Take other adventures with Anna, too, as she skis in Italy, spends a week with a group touring London, vacations in Barcelona, and visits a Greek family living near Athens.

What will happen when Anna’s classes end? Where will she find her dream job? And will it lead her to her dream man? Is it nostalgia or destiny calling her home to America? Will she return to Riverside?

Watch Anna mature from student to career woman. Grow with her as she learns about life and love. Share her moments with family and friends, delicious meals, and good humor. Find out if Anna’s private tears of heartache over lost love are cried in vain, or if she will love again.

360 Degrees Home is a perfect sequel to A Journey of Three Degrees. The characters are back and more vibrant than ever. We get to see a different side to Anna that made the story that much better. Anna makes a hard decision, but Kent did an amazing job making her choice be one that was perfect for Anna. I didn’t think the second could be better than the first, but it was. This book is definitely on my list of Indie picks for my book club!

Get your copy of A.L. Kent’s book today!

Author A. L. Kent is an up-and-coming indie author currently of Women’s Fiction, with her debut book- A Journey of Three Degrees- and this recently published sequel- 360 Degrees Home. Kent has already drafted future Women’s Fiction stories but also plans to release in other genres. She is currently working on a Mystery/Suspense novel. An avid reader and lover of all things creative, Kent enjoys supporting fellow authors as well as artists, actors, musicians, jewelry and clothing designers, chefs, etc.

“I couldn’t wait to read more about Anna & Dereck, and I wasn’t disappointed! The story was well-written, and the characters are wonderful! Add to that descriptions of different settings from the U.S. to Paris that is so vivid you feel like you are literally there WITH the characters. She has a wonderful way (of) drawing a picture with words! I think I gained a few pounds just from the meals! If you love a good story, history, and geography, you will be delighted with this series! Well Done!” (Amazon.com)

“This was another beautiful and heartwarming read by author A. L. Kent. I read the first book in the series and followed Anna’s journey as she matured and dealt with life in college. Now in this latest installment, the reader is with Anna back in France and at home in the U.S. with many familiar faces from the last book. As in the previous book, it’s very evident that the author is well-versed in all things French, including the language, the food, and the overall culture. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about many different regions in France, and cities such as London and other parts of the world. I also enjoyed reading about Anna’s relationship woes and to find out how it all works out in the end. This book has it all: history, culture, lots of travel, and beautiful descriptions…” (Amazon.com)

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