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Redemption Prep by Samuel Miller Review is here. This book centers around Emma, Aiden, Neesha, and Evan, with ZaZa and Peter rounding out the main characters.

Redemption Prep
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The story starts with a journal entry from Emma, who thinks she is cursed. During mass, Emma goes missing leaving her boyfriend, Aiden, beside himself. Aiden can’t deny Emma hasn’t been acting strangely for these past few weeks. With her missing, she is all that he can focus on regardless of his big game where a Dallas Mavericks basketball scout is coming to see him play.

Neesha is also beside herself with Emma gone for another reason. Together, they’ve been selling Apex. A drug Neesha created to win a trophy. With most of the student body now addicted to the illegal drug, Neesha decided to test it on her classmates. Without Emma, she’s now considered the dealer and will have to take the fall if anyone finds out.

Meanwhile, Evan has been stalking Emma. He knows her every move and has written it all down on notes hidden behind his posters in his room. The question is, does Evan have a sick obsession with Emma, or is there something deeper causing him to stalk her? Either way, will Evan be able to help find Emma before it’s too late? Or will his obsession with her get the better of him?

In between, we have ZaZa and Peter, who bought Apex and want to find Emma to get more of it. But will the group be able to find Emma, or is it already too late? She’s been missing five days. But searching for Emma isn’t what it seems. They unveil dark secrets about Redemption Prep; no one wants to be uncovered, putting every single one of the them at risk. Even if it’s too late for Emma, can they expose Redemption Prep’s secrets before it’s too late?

Which character was your favorite?

Redemption Prep was a fast read for me. Each chapter was in a different character’s point of view, and there was a mystery within the story. However, if you are expecting this to be like one of Karen McManus’s books, think again. The characters were underdeveloped, and the pace of the story wasn’t consistent. I really wanted to be pulled into the story more by connecting deeper to the characters, and it fell short. It made the length of the book, to me, feel like it could have been condensed.

The ending felt abrupt, too, along with what leads the reader to the end of the novel. It happens so suddenly, and then the book ends on a random cliffhanger. I did like how the book took place from the different characters’ perspectives, but it came up short of like I said Karen McManus’s books. It just wasn’t at that level, which disappointed me because, overall, it could’ve been a great storyline.

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Title: Redemption Prep
Author: Samuel Miller
Pages: 403
Where to Purchase: AmazonBarnes and NobleTargetBooks A Million
I rate it: 3/5

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