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Killing Harry Bones by Jonathan Harries is out now! Revenge may be a dish best served cold, but as Roger Storm, the unwitting protagonist of Killing Harry Bones discovers, it’s best enjoyed with a dry martini. At least that’s the conclusion he comes to while sitting at a bar in Paris contemplating the murder of his ex-boss, the aforementioned and despicable Harry Bones.

But Roger isn’t the only one hell-bent on revenge.

Novel by Jonathan Harries
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Somewhere deep in the bush surrounding the great Okavango Swamps of Botswana, a very horny male hippo mounts a big fat trophy hunter whose buttocks have been smeared with pheromones extracted from the female hippo he just shot.    

“He was,” remarked Inspector Matthew Bunter of Interpol, the man tasked with investigating the murder, to his counterpart in the German police, Constantin Darmstaedter, “split open like a ripe fig.”

However, as the inspectors soon find out, the fat guy isn’t the only one to get his comeuppance. In various parts of Africa, other trophy hunters, animal traffickers, and poachers are being dispatched in ways that seem to mimic their own abominable acts. It seems that the animals are finally getting their revenge.

Behind these grizzly killings is a group of vigilantes made up of ex-arms dealers, mercenaries, and the world’s most dangerous assassin, Conchita Palomino. And it is into this group that the clinically depressed, seriously drunk Roger Storm is drawn kicking and screaming. That is, until he falls hopelessly in love with Conchita Palomino.

The Roger Storm Books, of which Killing Harry Bones is the first, tackle the horrors of poaching, animal trafficking, and the questionable morality of big game hunters. Whether it’s taking on a sinister organization trying to re-colonize parts of Africa, Laotian animal traffickers blind to the misery of their trade or Russian oligarchs using genetic modification to make animals more attractive to trophy hunters, Roger, and his friends do their best to ensure the animals get their revenge.

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Author Jonathan Harries grew up in Namibia. An extraordinarily beautiful and wild country where the desert meets the sea, with not a blade of grass in between. In his early teens, he moved to South Africa, where, after completing the perfunctory exercises necessary for entering adulthood, he began a career in advertising. While his love and fascination with wildlife began in Namibia, it grew into a passion in South Africa. Jonathan spent every chance he got going to Botswana and other places where you could – and luckily still can – see animals in their natural habitat.

He moved to the US in 1986 and has lived here ever since. Two years ago, he retired as Chairman of a global advertising agency to write full-time. Both his sons are passionate about animals; his eldest son, Simon, moved back to South Africa for a few years to become a safari guide. Jonathan and his wife go on safaris as often as possible and have had some incredible trips into the bush, bringing back memories rather than trophies.

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