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All The Stars and Teeth centers around Amora Montara, Princess of Visidia, and master of soul magic. A power only her family is strong enough to render. It starts off with Amora preparing to demonstrate her magic to her people and show them she is ready to take on the position as High Animancer. Once Amora proves herself, it will then be announced that she is engaged to Ferrick. A Suntosu who wields the power of healing at his fingertips, ensuring a strong union between the two.

Adalyn Grace, All The Stars and Teeth
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However, when Amora’s demonstration doesn’t go as planned. She flees the island with Bastian. A pirate who is willing to help Amora prove she deserves to be the High Animancer. Once aboard his ship, Keel Haul, Amora finds out Ferrick followed her, joining them on their venture to prove Amora deserves her birthright. Soon, the three are cast on a quest that is far bigger than Amora anticipated. With secrets revealed, Amora learns that nothing she knew growing up was true.

Her family’s history is far darker than she ever dreamed it to be.

With a new destructive magic already mastered, and a rebel army formed, the Princess must decide if she is willing to sacrifice everything for her kingdom. Loyalties are tested, and not everyone Amora thought she knew is on her side. Will Amora be able to overlook her obstacles and rise to the occasion? It’s a test not only of her strength but of her heart, especially when she reveals to Ferrick she’ll never love him. Instead, Amora finds herself thinking of Bastian.

With an epic ending, you’ll have to read the novel to find out if Amora sacrificed everything to take back what was rightfully hers from the start. Or if Kavan, leader of the rebel army, steals everything from her. It’s a question you’ll get the answer to in the final chapter of this novel.

Overall, this novel was an original fantasy novel with twists and turns, shattering the stereotypes of a princess/pirate novel. Author Adalyn Grace wrote Amora to be a strong and feisty who knew her own mind. Amora wasn’t afraid to go out and get what she wanted. Bastian was equally strong, which is why her love interest complimented her.

At times, I did feel like the dialogue was a bit info-dumping.

However, the story flowed and never failed to bring another twist into the novel. One of my favorite things about this book is hands down the cover. I love how each corner is a visual to the quest Amora faces throughout the story. I will say this is the first princess/pirate book I didn’t put down. If you love fantasy novels about seas and boats, you’ll definitely love this book.

Which part of the quest was your favorite?

The visual of the writing in describing the islands was amazing, and let’s not leave out the fact there is a mermaid involved. Yes, what pirate novel is complete without a badass mermaid? Vataea is perhaps my favorite character just because I’m obsessed with mermaids. She is powerful and strong, too, which is fantastic in the female dynamic of this novel.

One thing many people were commenting on was the blood and gore in this novel. Yes, it is very prevalent and written about in detail. For me, as a reader, it didn’t stop me from reading. Adalyn Grace wrote it to be a part of the story.

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Title: All The Stars and Teeth
Author: Adalyn Grace
Pages: 368
I rate it: 4/5

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