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Forbidden Inheritance by L. Paul Dorsey is out now on Amazon.

Forbidden Inheritance
Forbidden Inheritance is out now on Amazon!

‘All families have scars. Some less visible than others.’

This novel takes place in a small town, and there is no discrimination amid family struggles. Rich or poor, it affects you, and it bridges your present life with your past. Years have gone by, and still, a father remains troubled by something unspoken. However, as his health starts declining, everything blurs, crumbling family dynamics.

When an estranged uncle arrives uninvited, Larry Copper uncovers evidence that alters what he knows about himself, his family, and the town.

Challenged by the moral implications of the looming Gulf War, Larry battles, not only to save his father but to find himself. The truth becomes a question of what he said, what she said, and what actually happened.

The pieces of Larry’s past don’t quite fit. And whether he unravels the mystery or not, he could jeopardize the family legacy…

First of all, I love the title of Forbidden Inheritance because it relates to the plotline perfectly. Second, the character development in this novel was amazing, and if you are familiar with my reviews, you know I always pay attention to that.

In this novel, I think the great development was mainly due to how well Author L. Paul Dorsey described his characters and portrayed their actions in different scenes. I was able to paint a picture of these characters in my mind, which isn’t always an easy thing to accomplish, but this author did. The conflicts within the family weren’t picture-perfect, but it’s what made the story unique in itself. I couldn’t put it down once I started. Overall, I recommend giving this a read because it will surprise you in a good way. After reading it, I definitely think if you like John Irving, Jonathan Franzen, Pat Conroy, even Mary McGarry Morris novels you’ll enjoy Forbidden Inheritance.

Meet Author L. Paul Dorsey

Paul Dorsey has worked in trusts and investments for almost thirty years. Because he cannot predict the future, he also practices psychology with his clients. Over the years, he has helped them more with emotional and lifetime decisions than predicting the rise and fall of the market.

After college, Dorsey finally grew up during a tour as an officer in the U.S. Navy. He disliked the experience but didn’t realize how good he had it. Each year he hosts a reunion for his shipmates in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

Dorsey holds a Master’s degree in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. He uses that as much as his Mathematics degree from Villanova University when developing his stories. He lives in Delaware with his wife and two daughters. He also has a dog… if that matters.

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  1. Great book and story. It shows a dysfunctional family with many problems and how the interact with each other. It shows how misguided but, loving actions rule this family. A mother and wife that tries to hide what is going on in the family from the outside world. The children that have their own problems that they don’t realize they have. The main character who see’s the problems with his family and tries to change. It is a story that will keep you reading and wanting more. I grew up in Wilmington, Delaware and Paul’s descriptions of the places in the book are so descriptive that I could see them in my mind. Great book I highly recommend it.