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Paris is Always A Good Idea by Jenn McKinlay Review is here.

Paris is Always a Good Idea
This book has be wanting to take a European adventure!

This novel centers around Chelsea Martin. It’s been almost over seven years since she had her post-college adventure in Europe falling in love with three very different guys. One was from Ireland, the other from France, and finally the last from Italy.

Since that summer, Chelsea lost her mother and is now solely focused on raising money for the American Cancer Coalition. She is excellent at her job, but she has slowly closed herself off to love ever since she lost her mother. Something her father and sister Annabelle remind her of when she freaks out after learning her father is getting remarried.

Determined to open herself back up to live life again, Chelsea packs up and goes to Europe to find the guys she loved. She wants to see if she can fall in love and be her old, carefree self. Will Colin in Ireland remember her? Better yet will passion and love reignite with Jean Claude in Paris? Or will Marcellino in Italy be the key to her finding love again? What she never expected was her co-worker and archnemesis Jason Knightley crashing her trip. Better yet, she never thought Jason would ever enter her mind at all, and when he does, what will that mean for Chelsea?

Paris is Always a Good Idea is a romcom novel you don’t want to miss!

One thing is for sure is that Chelsea is determined to travel to Europe to find these guys. But is finding your old self possible when you’ve lost someone very dear? It’s a story that will tug at your heart and make you laugh out loud.

Overall, I adored this novel. It was a fun read that had me laughing out loud. The dialogue was great and authentic, along with the characters. Chelsea was hands down my favorite. She was quirky in an unexpected way, and her comments were awesome. She had such a unique personality that I cannot wait to dive into more Jenn McKinlay novels.

What I loved best was the plotline and the different countries Chelsea visits. We get so many different European backdrops it makes me feel as if I’m right there with her traveling around. I also enjoyed the banter between Jason and Chelsea. Their back and forth dialogue made this book for me. It was such a fresh storyline with heart that I recommend picking up your copy.

This is a book that plays out like a funny romcom movie you can’t wait to watch over and over again.

Thank you so much to Berkley Pub for sending me a copy!

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Title: Paris is Always A Good Idea
Author: Jenn McKinlay
Pages: 334
Where to Purchase: AmazonBarnes and NobleTargetBooks A Million
I rate it: 5/5

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