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A Sister’s Courage by Molly Green Review is here. This novel centers around Lorraine ‘Raine’ Linfoot. She dreams of becoming a pilot, but her French mother doesn’t approve. However, her father encourages her to follow her dreams and find a way to achieve it.

A Sister's Courage
A Sister’s Courage is out now. Have you read it?

While viewing the takeoff of the plane, Raine meets the dashing and older Doug Williams. He offers to teach her how to fly, allowing Raine to accomplish her dreams. Raine looks up to him, and her schoolgirl crush on him is something she keeps to herself. Everything changes though when war breaks out, and Doug gets called into the fight to pilot planes.

Raine no longer can earn hours for flying, as the hangers have now been dedicated to war efforts. Raine becomes determined not to give up. She enlists in the Air Transport Auxiliary against all the odds and her mother’s wishes. The challenges she faces are ones that will change her life forever, while also allowing her to find out who she is. In war, nothing and no one is safe; something Raine sees firsthand when Doug goes ‘missing in action.’

In the midst of it all, Raine’s heart becomes more unsettled after she meets Alec Marshall. A fellow pilot who is nothing like what Raine would classify as a gentleman. But first encounters can be deceiving. Will Raine be able not to lose herself in this deadly war? Will, her heart take Raine on her own journey that she never expected? Find out when you read this novel.

Which character was your favorite?

Overall, I loved the storyline and the romance in this novel. I also loved the family dynamic of Raine, along with her sisters Suzanne and Ronnie. They each had distinct personalities that I truly found enjoyable to read. For a change in historical fiction, I enjoyed how the romance was interwoven throughout the novel, allowing us to see relationships progress in wartime. However, I wish Raine took more of a charge of her life. Yes, she grew throughout the novel, but I wanted to see her more decided with the two male characters in this novel.

Another drawback was the numerous spelling mistakes and grammatical errors throughout this entire book. It took away from the story for me. I found it hard to keep skipping over misspelled words. With that said, due to how much I enjoyed these characters I will A Sister’s Song the next novel in this series a read.

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Title: A Sister’s Courage
Author: Molly Green
Pages: 410
Where to Purchase: AmazonBarnes and NobleTargetBooks A Million
I rate it: 3.5/5

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