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Dark Days by DW Saur releases October 2020.

“A chosen one can come not only during dark times but also on the brink of them.” The dark times about to grace Sori are marked by a mysterious, ghost-like figure who begins to upset the balance the land has come to enjoy, manipulating members of the Galenvarg and Veirlintu sects into rebellion against the Duine. But hope for peace is not lost; the goddess Nantosuelta has selected her chosen one, a Leigheasan named Maya.

Dark Days
Dark Days

Maya is independent, curious, a skilled hunter, and a master smith, and unique among her kind in her connection to the land. But, sensing that she has an unrevealed purpose, she has yet to undertake her clan’s rite of passage, and isolates herself from her peers. With Nantosuelta’s blessing, Maya begins her quest to find her powers, prevent war, and establish herself as a leader among the Leigheasan. But can she rally the clans in time to confront the dark days ahead?  

Dark Days is a fantasy/action/adventure novel that I thought was a great read. As many of you know, I love books with strong character development throughout the novel. I thought the characters in this book, especially Maya, was very well developed. What author D.W. had the characters experience and conquered really held my interest and left me wanting book 2. I definitely recommend adding this book to your TBR list. I’m so glad I got a digital ARC copy!

About Author D.W.: D.W. is a proud alumnus of several institutions and holds multiple degrees and certifications. He is the author of award-winning children’s book Metal Like Me and The Last Christmas. Dark Days the first installment of The Covenant Saga and Saur’s fantasy debut. Though he has written works in other genres, The Covenant Saga is his primary concentration.

You can pre-order your copy of this novel on Amazon  or Barnes and Noble today! You can find out more Author DW Saur on: Goodreads, Twitter, and Instagram.

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