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When in Doubt Wear Red is my motto every time I end up not deciding what to wear! I always end up gravitating towards something red in my closet. I decided to finally wear this two-piece outfit I ordered from Shein.

I love this high-waisted bikini and am so glad they sent it to me! The Juju print has a groovy vibe and is gorgeous for any time of the year. I love the mix of orange as I don’t see too many swimsuits with that color hue!

I am so happy Swimspot sent me this outfit. I was beyond excited to hear from them and get the chance to wear one of Swimspot’s swimsuits! Now, many of you know how Swimspot bikinis are made to form to your body shape.

Surf Souleil Goddess Bikini is today’s featured look. I cannot tell you how awesome I think this bikini is. I worked with Surf Souleil on a feature I did with Random House.

I will admit the last time I wore overalls was when I was probably eight years old. They were hot pink with flowers, and yes, I loved them. But for that very reason, I thought, I could not wear overalls now that I am older because it wouldn’t be age-appropriate.

THANK YOU to everyone who wrote in about this striped grey maxi dress. I love hearing from all of you and hearing what you think of my outfits! So today, I am showcasing this striped grey maxi dress with pockets!