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I will admit the last time I wore overalls was when I was probably eight years old. They were hot pink with flowers, and yes, I loved them. But for that very reason, I thought, I could not wear overalls now that I am older because it wouldn’t be age-appropriate.

Solid Black Two-Piece Outfit is perhaps one of my most comfortable and trendy outfits hanging in my closet. I am so excited to showcase it because there are so many […]

THANK YOU to everyone who wrote in about this striped grey maxi dress. I love hearing from all of you and hearing what you think of my outfits! So today, I am showcasing this striped grey maxi dress with pockets!

My pink tie-dye maxi dress has everyone talking on my social media! I got so many inquiries about where I got it, how much it cost, and how it fits! Thank you so much for everyone asking about it.

I have gotten hundreds of messages about this floral print outfit with kimono on my platforms. I decided to showcase it today and talk about the fit, the print, the colors, and even the shop where I got it!

Navy blue short outfit Read it later

My navy blue short outfit is all I can talk about today! OMG! How many of you love a good short outfit? I do, but seriously have you tried shopping for short outfits?

My favorite part of this two piece is the short ruffle sleeve and the tie around the midsection. I have not seen another two piece like it, which always makes it a plus.

My favorite part of this high waisted bikini with ruffles is the pattern. The fun floral print and mix of hues give this bikini a down-to-earth touch. I love that.

This comfy flamingo loungewear set is all I can talk about it. Seriously, hello flamingos! I think the best part of this flamingo loungewear set is it is also a pajama set!

The bohemian pattern is GREAT. I love blue. It is my favorite color. Between the color combo and the bohemian pattern, it really offsets this maxi!

Today, I am going to take it a step further and tell you my real thoughts on this outfit—that way, when you do order your outfit you know what size to get and what to expect.

The loose jumpsuit is here! I was a little hesitant about the loose fit. I wanted a loose fit, but I did not want it to be too loose. Does that make sense? I didn’t want the material to swallow me.