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When in Doubt Wear Red is my motto every time I end up not deciding what to wear! I always end up gravitating towards something red in my closet. I decided to finally wear this two-piece outfit I ordered from Shein. At first, I was hesitant to wear the two-piece outfit because I wasn’t sure how it would fit. But I’m so glad I finally tried it on!

Retro look from Shein
Retro look from Shein

The skirt was a little snug and had a hidden zipper, but if you wear it high-waisted, it makes the fit that much better. The top has an invisible back zipper that allows the top to have just the right amount of snug. It does have a retro feel, so I decided to pair it with white pumps for this look. However, I am thinking of rocking it with a pair of white tennis shoes too! 😊

Now onto the book! I received a free copy of The Butler by Danielle Steel from Random House. Now, as many of you know, I love Danielle Steel’s novels. I have an ENTIRE shelf dedicated to Steel novels! I love her writing! The Butler I have just started and haven’t put down. It’s another romance novel, but this one centers around Joachim von Hartmann and his brother Javier. I won’t give away too many details until I release my review, but I will say don’t miss out on this read.

Overall, I loved the retro vibe of my outfit and how it matches the cover of this Steel cover. I definitely recommend wearing RED too! It’s a powerful color and made me feel confident! I will rock this look again! I can’t wear to what you all have to say!

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