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A Story of Karma by Michael Schauch Review is here! First off, I’m so excited to share A Story of Karma: Finding Love and Truth in the Lost Valley of the Himalaya with my reading community. This book is non-fiction, and as many of you may know, it’s not a genre a read a lot. The reason is sometimes I don’t feel connected to the story’s of non-fiction the way I do fiction and have a hard time feeling like I’m right next to the author.

Well, A Story of Karma definitely changed that!

Review of A Story of Karma
Review of A Story of Karma!

First off, after reading the book, I cannot tell you how much more I love the title! I felt so connected to not just the story but the words themselves. But before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you all more about this book.

It’s a non-fiction travel memoir centering around Michael and his wife, Chantal. They are mountain climbers (which, after reading this, I want to try) and took on an expedition in the Himalayas of northern Nepal. However, they didn’t go alone either. Michael and his wife took a photographer, musician, and painter to capture a moment in time through different lenses. However, it isn’t until Michael meets a little girl named Karma that everything changes as the profound encounter changes the course of his life.

Now, I won’t give away spoilers, BUT I will tell you my favorite part about this book was the photographs towards the back. They stood out to me and were breathtakingly beautiful. It made me want to book the next flight there! Another HUGE plus for A Story of Karma was Michael’s writing and his tone. Let me say WOW! The way Michael captured this story and made it into a beautiful journey is fantastic. His sentences like “the tiny buildings, a mash-up of thousands of colorful, tightly-packed structures” and “Chantal and I turned our gaze to Sonam and Pema. We must have looked surprised” really captured the backdrop and made me feel as if I was right there with him on his journey. It was almost as if reading a book from a character’s POV; it was that closely written.

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It was a book that truly touched me and one I have read twice over already! It stayed with me even after I finished. I also listened to the audiobook in the car! Be sure to check out the sponsored video on my channel as well, linked below!

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