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Loose Overalls for Summer is the latest trend that I joined and LOVE! I will admit the last time I wore overalls was when I was probably eight years old. They were hot pink with flowers, and yes, I loved them. But for that very reason, I thought, I could not wear overalls now that I am older because it wouldn’t be age-appropriate.

However, when I saw these overalls on Amazon, I decided to take a chance. The tube top under the overalls gave it a more sophisticated look, and the added bold flower gave it a trendy touch. A perfect beach outfit!

Loose Overall trend
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I decided to get a size small in the overalls since it is a loose/baggy fit. When I got in from Amazon, I tried it on right away and was so glad I got the small. I won’t say the overalls fit perfectly because they were loose, but that is the point. To adjust the size, I changed which hole I buttoned the straps. Now, I will admit that I tried to cut the buttonhole on the strap when I got the overalls because I thought the large button went through it.


The buttons for the straps are BEHIND the large buttons. Yeah, I figured that out after I cut one of the buttonholes. It turned out to be okay because I hid it by using a higher button. Again, please do not do what I did!

For the tube top, I got it from Amazon too, and it is so freaking comfy. I got a size medium, and it fit true to size. I recommend getting what size you are. I was hesitant if I should get a small or medium because I didn’t want the tube top to fall down. Getting a size medium turned out to be the best choice because it fits snug but not too snug. It is really soft too.

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Now, for the price, it is a steal at $17.97 for the overalls and $12.99 for the tube top. This outfit is great qualify and a great fit. I will definitely be wearing this over the summer!

What do you think? Would you wear this look? Shop it now on Amazon!

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