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Carrie by Stephen King
Have you read Carrie yet?

I have to say I have NEVER read a King book before. Honestly, I do not know why. I think I was scared his books would be TOO scary for me even though I am a huge thriller reader! On Facebook, I decided to post about IF I read a King book where I should start. I got hundreds upon hundreds of comments, and the verdict was…

CARRIE! I finally decided to take the plunge, and I got my copy of Carrie while I was book shopping adding it to my January 2021 TBR pile. I was actually really excited to find out what was up with the Stephen King phenomena that has taken over my book community.

Carrie centers around the character of Carrie. She is a girl who lives in a small town with only her mother. Now, her mother is very religious and pushes her beliefs on Carrie, reminding her daily of sin. If Carrie does anything her mother thinks is ‘sinful,’ she locks Carrie in a closet for hours at a time to pray. Over time, this affects Carrie emotionally and mentally. She is unaware of what is natural and what is not because of her mother’s beliefs. Things are even more challenging for Carrie at school because she is an outcast, someone everyone loves to pick on.

After a traumatic hazing incident in the girls’ locker room, it starts to break Carrie. She starts speaking back to her mother, and she starts to learn how to control her telekinesis power. Carrie can move things with her mind, and she starts controlling it where she flexes. She can even make someone feel they are pushes, slamming them into a wall. It is a gift that becomes extremely dangerous for Carrie to hold.

Which part scared you the most?

One of the girls that were involved with Carrie’s hazing incident, Sue Snell, feels bad for her part in it. She recruits her boyfriend, Tommy, another popular student, to take Carrie to prom. Tommy agrees because he loves Sue. But does Carrie agree? Find out when you read this book.

In any case, prom is where everything strikes a match in Carrie, and she breaks. This ensures a LOT of bloodshed. I won’t elaborate, but I will say throughout the book, we get different characters’ perspectives and get tidbits on information from the stories done after this tragic event involving Carrie.

Am I a King fan? After reading Carrie, I will say that what I loved most about King’s writing is it is different. I read a lot, and I always try to incorporate a thriller. King is a unique author in the sense he really takes you on the psychological journey of his characters. It isn’t just a story from their perspectives, and you guess the killer. He takes you into their minds, which I thought was really original and something I am unsure how he can do!

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Now, there were spelling mistakes in Carrie that left me disappointed! I was like, WHY? Is it apart of the book and meant to be like there? Regardless, I am not sure, but comment and let me know if it is.

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Now, I will say YES, I want to read another King book. I am looking for one that has more of a mystery. Which one should I read?

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