How to Wear a Jumpsuit for Under $20

Are jumpsuits still a thing?

Little Black Jumpsuit
YAY or NAY to this jumpsuit?

Yes, jumpsuits are STILL in style. Admittedly, I wasn’t entirely sure it to be correct, but while shopping at Ross for my January TBR photoshoot, I came across the black jumpsuit (pictured right). Now, Ross is a store for me I have to hunt through. I can go in there and find exactly what I want, and other times I leave with nothing in my hands. The racks were extremely bare this time, and I almost left but decided to go down one more aisle.

Initially, I was planning on getting a fancy gown for January for New Year, but nothing on the racks was in my size or style. Finally, I pulled this jumpsuit out (which is a size medium) and loved it. This jumpsuit caught my full attention, from the simple chic design to the added buttons and hidden back zipper. It was only $16 too, so how could I go wrong?!

I got home and tried on this jumpsuit, and it fitted me perfectly. I will say the neckline was a little large, but after I adjusted the jumpsuit’s back, I was able to get it to fit.

Little Black Jumpsuit

So, how do you wear a jumpsuit for under $20, you ask? Well, I say bargain shop for a jumpsuit that DOES the talking. Then, pair it with a pair of shoes you have in your closet. I did not go all out for accessories, and I would recommend keeping it that way. Again, the jumpsuit IS the outfit, so don’t outshine the look. I purchased NOTHING else besides this jumpsuit for under $20, and everyone thought I paid a small fortune for it. Remember, the key is to get a jumpsuit that accentuates your figure and let nothing outshine it.

Now, is the jumpsuit trend here to stay, you ask? I think so. What I love about this jumpsuit is the fact it is easy and speaks for itself. I paired it with simple Jack Rogers and instantly had a bold, beautiful outfit that made me feel confident. I curled my hair, put on my makeup, and my look was complete for my January TBR 2021 photoshoot. Jumpsuits are great because they are so easy to wear!

I tried to find the link on Ross for this jumpsuit, but unfortunately, I could not. Below is a selection available from Amazon that you shop that I thought was similar to the one I’m wearing.

Are you a jumpsuit fan? Do you own one that makes you feel confident and you can do anything?

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