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Broken Branches by Vaneeta Kaur is on pre-order now and 30% off up until publishing date 14th May! It is the first in the is a supernatural fictional YA series, Silver Lining. Author, Emotional Wellness Advocate, and Creative Writer Vaneeta Kaur began writing at a tender age as an emotional release. It became the antidote in dealing with all her external problems and helped her to give voice to her anxiety and depression.

Broken Branches
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Vaneeta started Broken Branches as an experimental project to help her escape the world, and it is very reflective of her eighteen-year-old self. She has been editing it for twelve years and didn’t want to remove the notions of what she was representing by playing with the plot too much. At the core of the Silver Lining, series are morals and values that should be at the base of all humanity – equality, empathy, genuine relationships, kindness, and so much more. 

The novel is set in London, England, Kensington, and follows Kris through his beautiful and privileged life as everything is ripped from him bit by bit. When he realizes that he is left with nothing real in his life, his days become dull and monotone bringing about in him a state of mental autopilot. Deep down, he ends up blaming himself for the tragedies that have occurred over the past few years, which doesn’t help his state of mind.

A beautiful supernatural miracle helps him to uncover the honesty of not just his actions, but of those around him. When he begins to open up and apply intentions and actions to parts of his life that he used to question, aspects of his world begin to light up and unravel. Magical forces show him the truth about what life is and where happiness truly lays; it reminds him to be thankful for just simply being in the world.

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Broken Branches presents grandeur, realism, profound relationships, genuine love, simplicity, and opulence. This is sprinkled with airy supernatural quirks that also bring about humour in the form of classic British sarcasm and vivid colour.

Author Vaneeta Kaur is a creative writer, emotional wellness advocate and author. She began writing at a tender age as an emotional outlet. With her stories, she intends to provide people with the comfort that books gave her throughout her life and hope that her words provide aid to those experiencing struggles.

Broken Branches is on pre-order now, and the sequel is set to follow! For now, you can have a visual sneak peek of the novel on her website! You’ll also be able to download a FREE excerpt from the novel!

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