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Adventures of Little Mistai by Agris Mistai is here! Cursed with dark energy, Mistai, a twelve-year-old boy from a magic land, starts his adventure to bring his father back from Dark King’s dungeon. To bring his family back together, he has to travel to the nine magic realms and bring the original stones together. His path is laden with magic, monsters, and deception by near and dear. This book is the beginning of that adventure…

Adventures of Little Mistai
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I live in California. I love reading Fiction, but I cherished telling stories as a kid. I never thought that my hobby of telling stories would last long enough that I would be inspired to write a book. I am passionate about writing books, and I do whenever I find time from a hectic job. I have two beautiful kids. I was inspired to write this book when my first kid was born. Now he is ten years old. I finally got to publish my first book. I hope it is liked by all!

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