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Twilight, a young-adult fantasy novel about a vampire romance between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. It takes place mostly in Forks, Washington (an actual town) & centers around the relationship between a human and vampire. Though, long it is easy to read…

One of my favorite books!

I chose Twilight, for my first book review, because this book started my obsession with fantasy novels. I can still remember the first day I read Twilight. I thought about how I loved the real-world realities mixed with the world of the supernatural. My favorite part about this novel is how there are human characters and the vampires. You can see and feel the difference that feels so real, I can almost experience life as Bella.

The characters in the novel are each unique and have a quirk that makes them intriguing in their own way. My two favorite characters are of course Bella and Alice. I enjoy Bella because she is relatable and flawed, but you like her anyway. She is the girl who didn’t fit in, yet in her own right was born to stand out. Even if it is to Edward, a vampire. Alice, on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air in the novel. She is bubbly and the one Cullen (thanks to her supernatural abilities) eagerly accepts Bella.

Many of you have written in and asked which part of the book is my favorite. And while there are many, I do truly love the ending where Bella and Edward attend the dance. It is such a mundane thing that Edward in his own way makes special.

I won’t give away the story, as I’m sure many have either read or watched the movie. But for me, this novel is more than a novel. It is the story that gave me the belief I could bring to a life a story of my own that mixes fantasy with real-life. Overall, I give Twilight a 5 out of 5. Yes, it does get wordy in some areas. But any-time I have a writer’s block, rereading this book helps. What can I say, I am a hopeless Edward and Bella fan! Write-in and tell me what you think of this novel. A classic or overrated?! Stay tuned for next week’s review and follow me on SNAP HEYITSCARLYRAE to see which book I’m reading this week!

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