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Yes, that’s how the saying goes, and the perfect caption for this photo! As an influencer for Shoedazzle I picked out these booties to showcase. I have to say the moment I saw them I was like ‘WOW!’ I loved the designs and the added edgy buckles on the side. They are even more gorgeous up close and once you get used to the height, comfy!

Shoedazzle is where I go shopping for trendy shoes. They are affordable, always on-trend, and easy to pair with anything! You can subscribe and get them every month too, so it kinda feels like Christmas at your doorstep! The selection is great too! They have so many shoes to pick from that there isn’t a time I’ve never found anything! From heels to booties to boots to flats to sandals, Shoedazzle is a shoe person’s heaven!

Higher the Heels, The Closer to Heaven

If you’ve been searching for perfect fall shoes, look no further! Head over to Shoedazzle and take a look at their fall selection! I just got my box for October I will be unboxing on Insta so head over there and take a look! I cannot wait to show you all my picks. But first write-in and tell me what you think of these booties. Are they a YAY or NAY?!
xoxo- Carly-Rae

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