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When I’m not writing, you’ll find me outdoors exploring the beach. My way of ‘de-stressing’ or ‘clearing my mind’ is by taking a walk on the beach. It aligns my mind, body, and soul, allowing me to get a clear perspective when I return to my laptop and write. If I’m having a writer’s block or can’t make a sentence or idea work… as long as I break-free for even a half-hour, I can return and successfully align my thoughts.

When I’m not writing my novel, you’ll find me exploring!

All writers have their own secrets of how they readjust their thoughts or trigger a creative surge. Mine is always taking a walk outdoors or going to the beach. There is something about fresh (or salt) air that makes me feel free. I admit there are times when I don’t want to take a walk. I get so focused, it’s easier to just keep sitting and writing. However, I have found that when I take a break it and come back, writing is so much easier. AND taking a break allows my mind to see my words in a new perspective.

What’s your secret to clearing your mind? Do you watch TV, read a book on another topic, workout, or have a snack. Write in and tell me! I love to hear from all of you. P.S. you can see more of this photo on my INSTA!
xoxo- Carly-Rae

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