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A Week at Surfside Beach by Pierce Koslosky Jr. is available today!

A Week at Surfside Beach
A Week at Surfside Beach is out now.

Thousands of families and individuals are attracted to the South Carolina coast each year, renting houses up and down the beach throughout the seasons. They bring their lives with them when they come to this magical place.

In A Week at Surfside Beach, author Pierce Koslosky Jr. has crafted sixteen poignant short stories that paint a vivid portrait of the beach’s diverse, temporary inhabitants: those people attracted to a landscape both beautiful and overwhelming in its ability to force introspection and change. Set over the course of a single rental season that ends at Christmas, the book’s unrelated characters all have their stays in the blue beach house, yet each story has a distinct message at its core. Readers will follow people in every stage of life—from a six-year-old entering the imaginary world of crabs to an escapee from a retirement home—and witness their varied individual experiences. 

These are stories of hope and redemption, connection and detachment, and lessons taught and learned. Both original and contemplative, heartbreaking, and inspirational, A Week at Surfside Beach brings together a collection of tales with seemingly ordinary, simple, and familiar details—yet underneath their calm, relatable surfaces exist the uncomfortable, extraordinary complexities of life.

Author PIERCE KOSLOSKY, JR. graduated with a degree in Psychology from Duke University and then worked three years in North Carolina’s maximum-security prison. He moved to Nebraska, and four decades later is the chairman and CEO of a manufacturing company. He lives in Omaha with Candy, his wife of thirty-five years, and with one very fortunate golden-doodle. They have four children who could not be less alike.

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Pierce and his family have gone to Surfside Beach, South Carolina for over twenty-five years. For most of that time they have stayed in the blue house on the cover of A Week at Surfside Beach. They bought the home in 2000 and rent it out in summer. Originally a poet, he began writing these short stories fifteen years ago, inspired by entries in their guest book.

I LOVED how this book was laid out and all the different stories woven through it. It was a refreshing novel that I wasn’t expecting. Sometimes stories told in different perspectives are confusing, and you keep having to figure out where you are in the novel. However, this one crafted in the renting season with a gorgeous background held my attention and continued to peek my interested every story I finished within it.

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  1. Kathleeen Libermansays:

    If your planning a trip to the beach,a delightful collection of short stories or just want to curl up with a good book one afternoon, A Weekend at Surfside Beach by Pierce Koslosky Jr. is a delightful collection of short stories.
    Each individual story will touch you in a different way. There will be something familiar about the characters struggles and triumphs that one can relate to.
    One story, the Inflatable Dragon,will be of particular interest to those of us growing older and the experiences that those changes bring to our lives.