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Hideaway by Nora Roberts
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This novel centers around the Sullivan family. They are basically like royalty in Hollywood. Their name carries weight because of all the movies they’ve been in and produced. Caitlyn Sullivan is nine years old when she gets abducted from her family’s estate while playing hide-and-seek. The family is frantic and tries to get her back safely. Thankfully, Caitlyn escapes, but can you ever erase the horror of an event like that in from within you?

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During her escape, the Cooper family helps Caitlyn reunite with her family again. It is on that night that she meets someone who will be apart of her future in more ways than one. But before she can focus on anything, it is soon discovered her nightmare of the kidnapping is hardly over. Caitlyn not only must deal with someone close to her being behind her abduction. She must learn to move on.

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After years of being secluded in Ireland, Caitlyn forces herself to face that horrific event because it’s the only way to move on entirely. She then returns to acting and locking her past where it belongs…in the past. What she never sees coming is the one piece of goodness in that horrific night returns to her life.

Which character was your favorite?

This novel by Nora Roberts introduces a lot of characters within the one story. It is overwhelming in the first few chapters, having to keep up with all the names and personalities. The backdrop of Ireland was gorgeous and set a scene. I loved how the Sullivans were Hollywood royalty because it brought a fresh spin to the novel.

Although, I will say, I wish the entire book focused on Cate. I feel like it would’ve made it a compelling novel instead of having us focus on so many different characters. If you get through the first few chapters, though, it is a great read that you won’t want to put down.

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Title: Hideaway
Author: Nora Roberts
Pages: 454
I rate it: 4/5

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